External object value list - value deletion with automatic filling of properties perservation


we have an external object with company employee functions (CEO, CFO, etc.) in it's value list. We also have few classes and properties that are automatically filled with those functions. Sometimes what happens is that an employee leaves the company and that function gets deleted from the external source, so therefore it gets deleted in the object's value list aswell.

What happens next is that the automatic filling of those properties gets "destroyed", because the value they were filled with no longer exists (it exists in a deleted state), so I always need to change the calculation rule (Set Value) to the next employee, who is responsible and can stand in for the employee that left.

Is there any easy way to do this automatically?

I thought of an improvement idea, where you could set up an if statement on a value calculation rule, like "if IsDeleted". It would ask if the calculated value produces error from not being able to find the value from a value list, and if there was an error, it would go into that if statement, where there would be another Set Value.

Thanks for any feedback provided.