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M-Files Web (new) - Features - Roadmap

Hello all,

As we are looking into the opportunity to configure and use the new M-Files Web in our company and several clients, some questions have risen.
I've already seen the Features Comparison File and I will be looking into it periodically for any changes.
My questions are rather - what's on the roadmap and approximate time when some important features will be available.
If someone has any information about them it will help us plan when to start using the new web.

1. Is it planned to stop the Classic Web altogether? I know there aren't going to be new features introduced but is it going to be stopped?
2. Is advanced search in the new web planned to be implemented and if so is it anytime soon? Our users highly depend on it.
3. Is history going to be available in the new web? Again when?
4. SSO - with the classic web it was easy to use Windows SSO. I don't see it as an option in the new one. What are the alternatives? We are using on-premise Active Directory.