Object creator: link automatically to source?


We use the object creator module to create Project Teams directly from the Project itself. Is it possible to make the project team automatically fill itself in "Project Teams" property on the source project where it is created from? Instead of creating the team, and then going into the source project and adding the teams manually to it.

Thanks, Žan

  • Hello,

    You can use the Managed Properties module from Compliance Kit to achieve this.

    The Project Teams should have a property that will point to the project (on create -> Set Properties -> Project = Self().

    Than as soon as the Project Teams is created, it will automatically update the Projects Teams property from the source project.



  • Hello,

    Thank you for the answer, but sadly it is not working for me like that, or maybe I have not set it up properly.

    Below is the screenshot from Object Creator. In the create tab I set property for Project as Self and so far it works, the Project Team created with this has the link to the Project. BUT, how do I link this created Project Team object to the Project's property "project teams(value list selection)". Because on the Project there are no references to choose the values from. What do I have to do in managed properties?