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How to get M-color 9.9 license?


I installed M-Color (latest version from your website) about 4 days ago. I followed the instructions and copied the generated text file to an email and sent it to the specified address ( I didn't recieve a response the following day so phoned, I was told no-one was available to speak with and I would get a call back or an email... I'm still waiting. The next day I tried the webform, which I actually recieved a response to this morning (a day later), but have only been told they'll get back to me when they have more info...

Are you able to advise how long it will take to get a resposne? I will try calling again, but that doesn't seem to get me anywhere.

Also is anyone able to advise if this software is still supported or being actively developed, or has it been shelved and only checked that it's still compatabile with new versions of AutoCAD? It doesn't appear to have been updated in several years, version 9 seems to have been release nearly 2 decades ago, the reviews are from 2005 and the website is looks like that was when it was last updated, customer support seems non-existent, I'm not getting the license I have requested, yet it's still has a £400 price tag... Where does that money go?

  • Hi there, please PM me with your organisation details and I will forward the details to our licensing team for actions (as reminder) on Monday. 

    There may be some busy times when work just tend to queue. However, we can add some pressure to handle cases internally ;)

    The current state of M-Color is that we have created compatibility fixes by need but not much of a new  features have been added to the product and this may be the case in the future as well. 

    And yes, we do provide customer support whenever we get these cases to our desk. 

    Best regards, 

    Timo Lahti

    Customer support team // Finland

  • Thank you Timo, I will send those details shortly. This is very disapointing that it has taken nearly a week of trying multiple contact methods to then be told it won't be addressed until Monday. The way I've tried contacting your customer support has taken days with still no call back or email that they said I would recieve, is there a better method of contacting them or going directly to your desk?

  • I'm sorry to hear things have not played out even as of today. 

    Please do not mix the customer support to the customer service. There are different people doing things. 

    For customer support (aka techsupport) related things there are channels to contact us. It starts by clicking "support" at the top menu of this forum. 

    To contact sales or licensing teams, you could try to call us or, as you've done, by sending an email. 

    M-Color does not have an actual tech support over phone nowadays; the support is handled through support request platform.  You can initiate a support request by sending an email to support at or through the portal (link as mentioned earlier, scroll down the Support page).