RestAPI : Set the CreatedBy

Is there any equivalent of the SetCreationInfoAdmin method in the Rest API ?

M-Files API - SetCreationInfoAdmin Method (

I've tried setting the Property 25 but the value never changed.

We are planning to create document from an external application using a custom application user but need to associate the document to an actual M-Files user.

  • No, there isn't something similar unfortunately.  I think your best solution would be to use something like a Vault Extension Method, or event handler or similar, to ensure that this reflects the correct person.

    I would also just slightly highlight that the use of SetCreationInfoAdmin (and also the method that sets the last-modified) should be used carefully. If abused then it can make it hard to understand who actually did what, or even potentially be a consistency concern from an auditing perspective.

  • The vault extension is a good idea.

    Another way is to use the real M-File user to perform the operations but our application use AzureAD. I haven't seen any documentation about authenticating with AzureAD.

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