RestAPI : Set the CreatedBy

Is there any equivalent of the SetCreationInfoAdmin method in the Rest API ?

M-Files API - SetCreationInfoAdmin Method (

I've tried setting the Property 25 but the value never changed.

We are planning to create document from an external application using a custom application user but need to associate the document to an actual M-Files user.

  • Hi Sebastien,

    Actually, if you set the "Created By" property to correct MFilesUserID, you should be able to set correctly "Created By" property. I have used it during some migration tasks where I needed to take over information who created a document. It is important that your logic maps external user to M-Files user ID (usually if you have object type Employee or similar you have behind reference to M-Files user). When you upload your document, you should provide "Created By" in the list of properties and it should do the job.

    What how ever not works always is setting up "Last Modifed By" property when you upload from external a document with properties. In that case that worker process/admin user is assigned, even though you set your specific user.

    Another problems are "Created" and "Last Modifed" timestamps which I am unfortunately not aware how to set.

    I am using M-Files REST Library (C#).


  • Dejan is quite correct.  If you provide property 25 as part of the property values then it will set the "created by".  I just tried it here.

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