RestAPI : Set the CreatedBy

Is there any equivalent of the SetCreationInfoAdmin method in the Rest API ?

M-Files API - SetCreationInfoAdmin Method (

I've tried setting the Property 25 but the value never changed.

We are planning to create document from an external application using a custom application user but need to associate the document to an actual M-Files user.

  • So, in general this is what I would expect.  I wouldn't expect a standard user to be able to create objects and state that they were created by another user.

    I do have a deep-seated concern about creating objects that, according to the audit trail, were created by other users.  But maybe that's a topic for another time and place.

  • Good to know that only "Manage user accounts" is needed. As we do migration our user has a full control of vault. Definitely usual user would not have rights to set those technical metadata. 

    One thought: would it not be better to run your upload as a user using windows authentication? Would it not get updated automatically in that case based on windows authentication? You can make a single sign-on over REST API.

  • Yes this is our backup plan if we cannot setup the sso to work.

    Our apps already use AzureAD but our M-Files server is on premise AD.
    We still need to work on that part and see if sso is possible or not.