Calling property from another object for calculated value

Hi all,

I'm kinda new on using VBScript and I need to do something but I can't realize how to do it.

I have two objects types, the object "A" (ID: 103)   and object "B" (ID: 102)

The use of object type A is to create items with a certain price, assigned in property "Price" (ID: 1034).

Object type B is to calculate the total price of two items (for now two) depending on the quantity of each one. It has four properties: Item1 (ID: 1040), Quantity1(ID: 1041), Item2(ID: 1044) and Quantity2 (ID: 1045)

The operation would be: Item1Price * Quantity1 + Item2Price * Quantity2 

My problem is when I try to take the price of the items to use them in the operation, I don't realize how to take the value of a property from other object. If they were just text I can use the concatenating of properties %PROPERTY_X.PROPERTY_Y%, maybe it's something similar in this case.

Can someone help me with this please?



  • You need to get the propertyvalues from the object referred to by Item1 and then from within those propertyvalues you need to get the displayvalue from the price property. Save the price in a variable for later use in your calculation.
    Repeat this procedure for Item2.
    Likewise you need to get the quantities from the propertyvalues on Object B itself.
    Then you are ready to calculate.