Integration with Isoma BMS systems

Hi M-Files Community,

We have a client that is looking to integrate Isoma BMS system (

Have there been any instances of this with M-Files previously? 


  • Hi : I'm Jocelyn Flint, the Community Manager here at M-Files. I floated your question around internally to see if anyone had experience with this integration, but so far, no luck! If I hear anything, we'll post back here. Sorry that I don't have a better answer to share!

  • Hi Gary,

    I haven't personally heard of any integration with Isoma BMS (although I most definitely don't hear about everything that our worldwide community build!).

    Whether it's possible, and how long it would take, would depend heavily on both the extensibility points that Isoma BMS expose, and the client requirements.  I don't think it's possible to give much more information than that at the moment.

    One suggestion may be to reach out to your Channel Account Manager here in the UK.  They may be able to double-check internally, but also help put you in contact with other resources that may be able to assist should you need it.