The script could not be executed because the maximum number of nested scripts was exceeded

Hello guys,

For the context : I would like to know who was the last person who changed a certain property.

For this, I created an Event Handler (AfterSetProperties) where I get my current user and check if the property was changed based on its previous version

Option Explicit

' Get the required properties for this script
Const CLASS_PROPERTY = 100 'Class Property
Const DOCUMENT_OBJECTTYPE = 0  ' Document Object Type

Dim PropertyValues : Set PropertyValues = Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetProperties( ObjVer, True )

'If the object is a document and belongs to the "Document test" class
if( ObjVer.Type = DOCUMENT_OBJECTTYPE) and (PropertyValues.SearchForProperty(CLASS_PROPERTY).TypedValue.DisplayValue = "Document test") then

Dim employesDisplayValue : employesDisplayValue = PropertyValues.SearchForProperty(EMPLOYES).TypedValue.DisplayValue

	if NOT(employesDisplayValue="" AND ObjVer.Version > 1) then	
		dim previousVersion : previousVersion = (ObjVer.Version - 1)
		Dim newObjVer : set newObjVer = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.ObjVer")
		newObjVer.SetIDs 0, ObjVer.ID, previousVersion
		Dim previousProperties : set previousProperties = Vault.ObjectOperations.GetObjectVersionAndProperties(newObjVer).Properties
		dim previousEmployes : previousEmployes = previousProperties.SearchForProperty(EMPLOYES).TypedValue.DisplayValue
		if NOT(employesDisplayValue=previousEmployes)then
			Dim oLookup: Set oLookup = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.Lookup")
			oLookup.Item = currentUserID
			oLookup.ObjectType = 6
			Dim propValLoggedUser : Set propValLoggedUser = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
			propValLoggedUser.PropertyDef = USER_TEST	
			propValLoggedUser.TypedValue.SetValueToLookup oLookup
			Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetProperty ObjVer, propValLoggedUser
		end if
	end if
End if

When i'm testing the script, I'm getting this error : 

  • AfterSetProperties::DocumentTestModifiedBy, 36, The script could not be executed because the maximum number of nested scripts was exceeded. (0x80040969)

I've already checked the execution order : and i'm pretty sure that's the event handler i need to use.

Any help will be very appreciated Slight smile

Thank you very much
Claudio - EVOK - Altern8 SA

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