UIX Samples at Github - should they work?

I tried this one and It does nothing. Both zipped and on folder


I'm looking for a way to hide items from second mouse click context menu and that sample should get me going if it would do something. Latest M-Files Online.



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  • I found tracker item 153177 which talks about CommandLocation_ContextMenu not working correctly.  Apparently this was fixed in 20.1 but, having just tested in 20.11, I see some odd behaviour as well.  `CommandLocation_ContextMenu` seems to also affect the "Create" button in the top pane, which isn't intuitive.

    I'm going to open another tracker item, relate it to this, and see what PD say.  It may be that the top bar and context menu are, unfortunately, intrinsically linked.

  • I have created tracker item 161323.

  • I've had a response back from Product Development and it appears that this is by design; hiding the create option in the context menu will also remove it from the top "create" button.

    The documentation for the enumeration values will be updated to reflect this (as it's misleading at the moment) but, unfortunately, it's not possible to affect just one of the two locations.