SelectTreeNodeCommand for jumping to configuration section from dashboard -> format of NodePath / TreeNode ???

Hi M-Files inside code knowing developers,

DISCLAIMER: Screenshot shows only a very early working version, contents modules, roadmap etc. are not fixed yet - just a proof of concept yet.

I'm just building a little dashboard for a VAF which should be configurable for all projects and vaults like Compliance Kit or UnitFly Extension Kit to avoid 200,000 versions of purchase invoice workflow logic - just as example. It should be like a product and nice-looking. Just a first try with multi-language support (e.g. German which is a MUST requirement in tenders for most projects in Germany):

Sounds great:

or also the property TreePath, see 

But HOW do I specify the NodePath or TreeNode. Unfortunately, no example, standard format like JsPath, or other description can be found. It would be greet to have a button or link for jumping to the module configuration.