Showing newly created document


We have a workflow that creates a sales quote based on metadata in the class. It creates a pdf document once it gets to the point of the workflow where the quote is reading to be converted to pdf. If the user wants to make changes to the quote and a product, they can modify the metdata and move the object into a workflow state where it will create a new pdf. Once they do this, they need to refresh the search results and then click on the new pdf that was just created to view it. Is there a way in code to automatically refresh the search results window and show the preview of the newly created pdf?

  • Hey, 

    Doesn't this feature fix correlate your scenario? 

    M-Files Online February ’22 Update (22.2.11149.3)

    Improvement: Automatically refresh view when object has changed on server
    ID: 20320
    Description: Content of an open view in M-Files Desktop is now automatically refreshed as a background operation. This refreshes objects that have been changed by other users or M-Files Server. The operation occurs at specified refresh intervals. You can configure the refresh interval in the Advanced Vault Settings section in M-Files Admin (Client/Desktop/Listing/Automatic Refresh).

  • This handles part of it. This would refresh the view, but would not display the metadata of the new document.