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I have an object called (Job) which has a Property Called (Internal Note Description). So, I create a Job Object and add something in an Internal Note Description and Save it.

And Next time when I create the same object (Job), I want that Internal Note Description property to be auto filled from the previous Job Object that I had created.

Similarly, every time I create a Job Object, I want Internal Note Description to be Auto filled from the latest Created Job Object.

Note: Internal Note Description will not be similar all the time. It keeps changing every time when you create a job

Is it Something that we can do in M-Files, or we need script for this?

Thank you

  • If your users can select the latest Job object, for instance in a view that lists them, and then create the new object based on that selection, you can use the free Object Creator module for this. It will add new creation commands to the M-Files user interface and you can configure it to copy certain properties from the selected source object. Object Creator is supported in the M-Files Desktop and the classic M-Files Web user interfaces at the moment and delivered in the Compliance Kit vault application.

    If the requirement is that the user should not need to select any object and just use the normal Create menu to create the new Job object, then you'll probably need some scripting to copy the latest description to the new object. Note that such script would copy the value when the user hits Create and the object is saved to the server, so they wouldn't see the description immediately on the metadata card before they have created the object.

  • Thank you Jonas for this information.

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