Adding a new file to an existing object (javascript)


I succeeded to update an existing file attached to an object via the API "REST/objects/0/{checkedOutObjectVersion.ObjVer.ID}/files/{checkedOutObjectVersion.Files[0].ID}/content.aspx?_method=PUT", although that was tough. I need now to add a new file to an existing object. From the C# example at, I figured out that the API is "REST/objects/0/{checkedOutObjectVersion.ObjVer.ID}/{checkedOutObjectVersion.ObjVer.Version}/files/upload.aspx". However, it is not clear at all how I pass the file name and file extension through the API, mostly since I am using an application/octet-stream content type where I cannot mix JSON data and binary data.

Any help would be appreciated, as well as javascript examples.

Thank you in advance,

Gilles Gerlinger

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