How to add M-Files API library in Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code ?

Hello !

I'm trying to find a cleaner way to code macros in Excel and scripts in M-Files Admin (for Workflows) using M-Files API.

I'm currently using the VBA developer code in Excel and the built-in VBScript editor in workflows.

The issue is that I have no visibility on how correct my code is until I run it and crash the document/server. Plus I constantly have to check back the M-Files API online.

I'm looking for a way to add M-Files API to "Visual Studio" or "Visual Studio Code" in order to have an instant feedback on any typos or mis uses of the API.

I've tried to add the M-Files Online Visual Studio Extension to Visual Studio but I'm pretty sure it's meant to be used in C# to develop M-Files Applications.

Does anyone have a idea on how to achieve that ?

Thanks a lot in advance,


  • VBA code isn't strongly-typed and, to my knowledge, there's no way to write macros in a strongly-typed language.  It's not really able to give you any support whilst writing the code, and not really any support when compiling the code, as it doesn't actually understand the code.  It's only at runtime that it really can see whether what you've written is correct.