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VBScript for EventHandler when value of given property has changed

Hey guys,

I want to monitor objects (documents) for changes of values of a given property, let's call it "sample_prop" (it is of the type text/ single-line if this should be of any relevance here).

At the moment I am using the built-in notification system (email). However, these emails are triggered too frequently due to the limitations of this system. Obviously the only parameters I can specify is the event, which is both "object created" and "object changed" combined with the requirement "sample_prop" is not empty (see screenshot)

In other words, the current state is that I do get an email whenever an object is either created or changed if the "sample_prop" on that object is not empty. 

However, due to how this is setup I get such notification emails way too often because - of course - the event is also triggered when some other irrelevant property is changed (even though there is no change with the value of "sample_prop").

I guess I could only achieve the desired behavior (i.e. notify me only if the value of "sample_prop" is changed, either from nothing to something or from something to some-other-thing) using an event-handler, right?

Could somebody please point me to some sample VBScript Code that achieves this? I would be very grateful because then I would have a starting point and could adapt the code according to our needs.

Thx in advance,