Program M-Files with OpenAI GPT4

Just a quick try


Another try:

  • I was thinking if there is some possibility of implementing ChatGPT into M-Files as a workflow helper. Because ChatGPT can be trained on data via Fine-Tuning, so giving it certain data from M-Files configuration which would be dumbed down for the AI to understand it, I think is possible up to certain extent for it to help us even now.

    But I feel like M-Files will definitely have to develop something with AI to stay relevant in the future. Whether it's in the next 3 years, or 15 years.

    Anyway, however this will go, I'm pretty excited about it. Hopefully AI won't destroy us all before we get to see the amazing things it has the potential to do.

  • M-Files has been into AI for quite a bit time. In 2017, M-Files completed the acquisition of Apprento Inc, a Canadian developer of AI technology. 

    Not all AI shows out as the GPT4 does, but AI powers specific components of M-Files. 

  • I would also add that since M-Files is tightly integrated with Microsoft technologies, many M-Files customers will be able to take advantage of the AI advances that Microsoft is making. For instance the Copilot features coming to the Office Microsoft 365 suite. Interesting times for sure!

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