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UIX Events

Hi Craig,

In another forum post, you suggested to someone that they write a UIX app that reacts to every event in the vault and logs a message indicating the event that fired. For me to create that UIX application, do I need to register every single UIX event one by one or is there a way to iterate through all events? I am interested in seeing what UIX events are triggered as they happen, but I don't want to have to register every event in my code just to get this info. Any suggestions?



  • I thought I had a sample for this, but it appears that I was thinking of this one, which does it for the VAF...

    In general: yes, you need to attach to each event.  If you use the enum-style for retrieving the event IDs (e.g. "MFiles.Events.OnStarted") then you could probably use JS to get all valid events and attach code using a loop, rather than specifying them individually.