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View with virtual folder hierarchy

I have to create a small web ui for a certain view in m-files. Coding with C#, using M-Files ver 7 and the server interface only.
The view contains multiple virtual folder levels, like so;

view (id 123)
  1. virtual folder
      1.1. virtual folder
        1.1.1. virtual folder
            - doc
            - doc
      1.2. virtual folder
      1.3. etc
  2. virtual folder
      2.1. virtual folder
      2.2. virtual folder
  3. etc

I know the id of the view, so getting the first level virtual folder names with VaultViewOperations.GetFolderNameListing is given. But how do I get the folder names for a certain virtual folder in some sublevel, let's say for virtual folder 1. ? If I use View.Levels[2] I get all the virtual folders in the second level. How do I restrict this operation?

Also, how do I get the documents of a certain virtual folder? Using the VaultViewOperations.GetFolderContents(FolderDefs FolderLocation)? An example would be nice.

All help is appreciated, cheers.