Decompile vault application (or any dll) back to source


Is there any way to decompile a Vault Application Framework Application to source?

We have the latest version of custom built Vault Application 1.0.2 installed in our vault, but we only have the source code for 1.0.1.

  • Vault applications are .NET assemblies.  There are various tools that will try to do this.  Depending upon how the application was built, and the tool, the quality of what you end up with will vary significantly (sometimes, for example, you will get very little).

    I assume you cannot reach out to the developers to get the updated source code?

  • Hi  

    Getting the updated source code would be the optimal solution, but unfortunately the source code seems to be lost. We have the source code for the earlier version 1.0.1, but not for the updated version 1.0.2

    The problem now is that we do not know what updates were made to the code and thus we cannot update the code without possibly breaking the event handlers and the Vault Application. 

    It seems like using a tool will be the only option.