Select properties on query of multiple objects

I have not found a way to reduce the number of properties when querying properties of multiple objects.

It would make sense to extend Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.GetPropertiesOfMultipleObjects() with a Select parameter, including the desired properties (like to the SQL Select).

This would massively reduce the amount of data to be transferred.

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  • If an item is implemented then the tracker ID will be noted in the release notes: M-Files Online Release Notes - M-Files.  Note that this is not something that is undergoing active development right now, but will be considered as we look at how we improve the API in the future.

    One thing I would highlight is that you mention "data to be transferred".  If It is being transferred across the wire to/from another system then consider whether you could expose a vault extension method to collate the data together and return only what you need; it's still being dragged from the vault, but you could reduce the data that's being transferred.