What is the future for scripting in M-Files with the depreciation of VBscript by Microsoft?

We know VBscript is used extensively in M-Files. Which are the favorite candidates for replacement?

  • We will start a communication and enablement plan on this later in the year, but my general guidance is to utilise the Vault Application Framework instead: The Vault Application Framework (m-files.com).  The VAF does currently still use VBScript proxies within the vault (VBScript reacts to the events and passes the data across to the VAF), but we are looking at ways to remove those proxies such that VAF applications can run even in scenarios where VBScript is not required.

    We did actually test this out earlier in the year and it was successful, but we want to look again at the approach so that we can make it as seamless as possible for existing applications.

    As a more general point: my personal strong recommendation is to not use VBScript in any new developments.  Whilst it's unlikely that Microsoft's deprecation will remove VBScript entirely from server environments in the immediate future, it will at some point and relying on VBScript for new installations seems like a very bad move.

  • I suppose that I should add that we have also tested out using some alternate scripting solutions to replace VBScript.  We do understand that for some customers and some resellers that using something less "heavy" than the VAF is useful.

    We haven't got anything directly to announce here yet, but that requirement is understood.

  • Thanks for that statement on the current position but I have customers with a slate of developments that are on hold because VBscript is not a long term option. The sooner we can give people heavily invested in VBscript guidance he better as this adds to recent technical missteps including removal of features from the Windows interface without notice. 

  • As I said: we will start a communication and enablement plan later this year.  My personal (for now) guidance, and likely to be the official guidance later this year, is to use the VAF as the reliance on VBScript there will be removed.

    Can you describe a little more why the developments are on hold?  Acknowledging the above statement, what is needed to get them moving again?

    If you need additional support, or an official statement, then of course please do reach out to your partner.