"Make Copy" not shown for some Objects

Hey guys,

has anyone else the issue that for some objects the "Make Copy" option is not shown on both right click menu and task pane? Also there is no copy and cut option in the right click menu. I have some document classes where these options are not shown, while on other document classes they show up, same with other object types..

I cannot see what is the difference between them and I have not defined any prevent copy classes in compliance kit..

Using M-Files Online 03/2021 Update and 10/2020 Compliance Kit..

Best Regards

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  • Hey Joonas,

    I think this is the case but have to investigate further.. But my problem is not the missing "Make Copy" feature but instead the missing possibility to copy the document with Rightclick + Copy or STRG + C to get a document outside of M-Files.. Could you consider an option where I can have this possibility always activated?

    Best Regards