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I saw very old posts about this but without any solution.

I have a boolean property which is empty as a default when a document is created. I cannot build a view with filter as "not Yes" on this property and which shows me all the document with value as No or with value as empty. It shows only the one with No. 

It is not logical. Is there a way to make this filter work?

A possible workaround: I could set the value as "No" as a default. But it will mean a mass update of all existing documents in my vault which should have no instead of empty value.


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  • Hello Tom, 

    Interesting suggestion, thank you. However I see 2 limitations:

    1. the grouping levels appear in the view with "Yes" and "No" values which is visually not meaningful. end-users have to notice the column header to get to know what is the property. It's not clear and obvious what is the property being used as a grouping level when browsing the view
    2.  in my case, I would like a view showing just the doc with "Yes" and another showing the doc with "No" or empty value. With a grouping level, I'm forced to split the "No" value form the empty one.

    eventually I prefer to consider a mass update solution when rolling out such a new boolean property to ensure all documents have a value.