Desktop client scaling is not working properly (Laptop -> Desktop)

Hi M-Files and community, 

I know this is old one and I know it was written before but somehow there are no improvements here unfortunately. 

It seems still that when scaling from small laptop to bigger desktop screen that desktop client is scattered.

We also using some changed themes and it looks really bad. 


Users get very annoyed with this.

It would be really great if this can be fixed. 

I've tested it from 1920x1080 resolution to 1920x1200 if it can help for reproducing.



  • We have identified scaling issues in some multi-display setups and our product team has a couple of related improvement requests on their backlog. The IDs are 159675, 155979 and 155839. I'm unable to give an estimate for when these might be implemented but at least one of the  IDs should be listed in the release notes when such improvements make it to the product.

  • that's awsome, thank you for those information Joonas!

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