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How do you search for objects corresponding to disabled accounts?

We have an "internal role" class, which has "role user account" as a metadata field. When making a search/view for "internal role" class objects, how can I either

a) Show only the objects for which the corresponding user account referred to in the "role user account" field is disabled?

b) Use the properties for the corresponding "Person" object for the user referred to in the search filter? For example, only show "internal role" class objects where the corresponding "person" object has the metadata "disabled" = yes.

  • Hello,

    This is an example from Sample Vault so the metadata are not the same, but hopefully you will get the idea:

    a) Refer to the User Account property through the Role User Account property (in the example below, Completed through Employee property)

    b) Similarly, you can refer to other objects through other objects, so just browse the property tree deeper.

  • Sorry, I don't understand. I know how to use the "first_property.second_property" syntax, but as far as I can see neither the custom "role user account" metadata property nor the default "user account" property can be expanded like that, because "user account" does not refer to an object with properties, unlike "employee" which refers to a "person" object. So the question is really, how can I go from "user account" (not an object) to "person" (an object)?