Using the same IIS server on Production as a proxy for the Dev environment

Hi there, 

We have a scenario where we have 6 vaults, 3 Production and 3 Dev/QA vaults. 
Each vault is accessible via http over RCP and have their own subdomans eg.  and 
All 6 vaults currently run on the same server, with IIS installed on that server. 

We now have the option to move the 3 Dev vaults to a separate server. 
Our aim is the use the IIS web server on the Production server as a proxy for the Dev vaults as well as serve the 3 live servers. 
Is this possible ? 

In the proxy configuration notes I see the folllowing: 
"No vaults can be attached to the M-Files Server installation on the proxy server." 

 Is it not possible to have 3 vaults on a separate M-Files Server using the IIS server on Production  as a proxy server, and still use IIS on the production server for the 3 production vaults ? 
We do not have an option to host a separate IIS server, it needs to remain on the Production server. 

  • It depends on what you require from your vaults on the dev-server. You can make a configuration that will work for internal access to those servers via gRPC, https over RPC, and web access. You can also access your development vaults from WAN using https over RPC and web access, but you cannot access them using gRPC. If you can work without gRPC from WAN it is possible to do what you want to do.