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Value List Content - Limitation Issue

Good Day,

I have run across a scenario in M-Files 2015.2 where we have a client vault that has a value list with a content of 56 items and not all of them can be selected from the drop down list.  My understanding is that when picking a value for the property on the metadata card it should display the first 50, and offer a link to re-flow the list to the next set, or something along those lines. 

When users select the list it displays "First 50 Values" at the very top however no "Next 50 values" or something shows up in the list anywhere else.

Since these items are numbered (example: 1.1 Development Permit Application) users can type in the numbers to grab the 6 that do not show up, however the numbers are not immediately obvious since they skip some numbers along the way (7.5, 7.6, 8.0, 9.0), so it takes some trial and error to figure out what those last 6 actually could be.

Has anyone run across this before or have any suggestions on how this could be managed without splitting that list apart?  If you need any screenshots or a copy of the list please let me know.

  • Hi

    M-Files Desktop shows only 50 first items for performance reasons. In your case, the full list is only 56, so our support can provide you a registry key to increase the treshold to say 60.

    Please contact our support for more info and reference to Tracker ID 61923.