Seperate assignments in Workflows

Dear all

We have a workflow in place for the object type "project".
The workflow has several states. In one of these states, two separate assignments are created and specific users are assigned.
I want these assignments to be independent from the following workflow states of the project workflow.

The problem is now, as soon as a user changes the project workflow to the next workflow states, the automatic created assignments (object type assignement) loose their assigned user. M-Files server automatically updates the created assignments and removes the assigned users, which is not the idea in our case.

Is my desired use case possible in M-Files and how I have to solve that?
I thought it worked before, but we noticed that since some months the behaviour changed somehow.

kind regards,
  • Hi, try adding this script to the workflow state that creates the assignments:

    Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.RemoveProperty ObjVer, 79

    That should prevent M-Files from removing the assignments when the workflow moves forward.