Turn off Comment box for assignments using ShowChangeStateUI


I have followed the instructions for removing the comment box for assignments via the Custom Vault Data.
I can see the registry option on the end clients machines. But yet, when I approve an assignment, I am still getting a comment box appearing.

I have tried changing the value to both 0 or 1 in case I got it confused by the instructions

Namespace Registry
"group": "ShowChangeStateUI",
"type": "MFConfigurationValue",
"namespace": "M-Files.Core.Client.Settings",
"label": "ShowChangeStateUI",
"domainDescription": "ShowChangeStateUI"

Named Values
"namedValues": [
"key": "ShowChangeStateUI",
"value": "{ \"MFShell\": { \"\": { \"ShowChangeStateUI\": 0 } } }"

Can someone point out what I am doing wrong?

Kind regards