Shared folder with OpenID Connect

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A customer is using OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication and no active directory (AD) exists in customer's environment. I'm going to configure federated authentication in M-Files Admin and I believe it will work if customer can provide all required information to us. But the customer is also using network folders to store documents. Again no AD exists in network sharing. Is it possible to configure in M-Files such that documents can be kept in existing network folders together with document permission of each user? In network folder connector, there is no OIDC option. I'm wondering if a user is authenticated to M-Files successfully, there should be some ways to get the same credential when accessing network sharing. Does anyone have any suggestion?



  • Hi Eddie, when you set Network Folder Connector to use Personal authentication, then the users will be prompted to enter their user name and password when they access the network folder via M-Files. In this prompt they can enter the credentials that they normally use when accessing that particular network folder. In other words, what you use for logging in to M-Files does not affect what you use for logging in to the network folder.

  • Hi Ville, thanks for your reply. But according to the customer, they don't have AD and I'm worried that personal authentication will fail. I will check how they login when accessing network folder.

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