External file source import stops on first error

Our EWERK DDS scanned paper archives for our customer and I've created a file import definition. Because they forgot to escape an & sign in XML file the import has thrown an exception. Why doesn't the import at least continues with the other files in the directory (about 1,500 files to import with 150 GB scanned data, import duration was about 36 hours).

How is it possible to get notified if errors happen? Which tool would be good to watch the windows event log entries for import errors - or better just configure a notification e-mail address at least for error cases which perhaps should not send it for each single file out of 1,500 files Slight smile

  • Hi Falk,

    You are right - it is a problem in many situations that processes stop when they encounter an error rather than logging the error and then carry on. I am surprised to see this in Import though. Haven't seen it there myself.

    You can configure a scheduled task on the Windows server to sent alerts for particular types of errors - in this case errors related to M-Files. That is a Windows feature and outside the scope of M-Files guides, but there are plenty of suggestions on the web if you search for "windows event log alerting". I have scheduled tasks to sent hourly on the most important servers and daily on less important servers. That has proven to be adequate in my situations.

    BR, Karl

  • What version of M-Files is the customer running? There was at least one related improvement (ID 135644) in version 19.5 so that M-Files would skip, or at least try to skip, individual erroneous files when importing from external file sources. If they are running a version older than that then upgrading M-Files might help.

  • It was with the latest version (still 21.2 I guess - before the March update)