Object Creator & Copy Rules with Original Document History

Hi everyone,

I’ve a case where I need to copy the document created by user from one workflow (A) to another workflow (B) but with regard the document history not just copy the files and the properties. the user in workflow (B) wants to view the history of the original document that been in workflow (A), is there anyway to do that, or if possible copy the document history?

I’m using Copy Rules under Compliance Kit inside Configurations tab. Sample configuration is below:

        "Key": "CopyDoc",
        "Command": {
            "Title": "Copy Document",
            "IconType": "Compliance",
            "ComplianceIcon": "audit"
        "Source": {
            "ObjTypes": [
            "Classes": [
            "Workflows": [
            "States": [
        "AfterCreateShowObject": "%.%",
        "Create": {
            "ObjType": "{53F0C8FD-0BF0-47C4-8FA6-4C2D0DADB650}",
            "Class": "CL.DestinationClass",
            "Workflow": "WF.DestinationWorkflow",
            "State": "WFS.DestinationWorkflow.Draft",
            "DefaultPropertyActionIsCopy": true,
            "CopyProperties": [
        "Interactive": false,
        "FileCopy": []

Looking forward,