File and Folder Import

Hi guys, 

It seems like a straight forward thing but I'm struggling to find a non-scripting way to do this. 

I've got a customer with an organized folder structure they want imported into M-Files. What we're trying to achieve via an import is mapping a folder level to a property definition. 

For example:


property definition = folder 1

property definition = folder 2

property definition = folder 3

  • The issue you run into is that when importing M-Files can recognize the path/folder but doesn't have a native way parse the path into multiple folders which is why you would need to setup something like a script to parse and split it into multiple properties.

    The only option without scripting I can think of is if you import via an external file source. (User Guide Link)

    If you setup an external file source and select 'Preserve Folder Structure' then it will create 'Traditional Folders' for each object imported. Those traditional folders will be added into a value list with the folder hierarchy preserved.

  • Thanks I think you're right in going down the traditional folder path would be the best option at this stage.