Metadata Card - Set Employee property automatically from the creator information

I have a property Employee which uses the built-in list Users.

Now I would like to have that when new object is created, the Employee comes automatically from the creator of the object.

I have added the information into the Metadata card like the information below but it still does not give the value automatically.

Also I have tried the setting where ForceSetValue is true but it does not work either.

What is wrong with this?

{ "Group": "XXX", "Property": "1482", "Priority": 500, "SetValue": { "Mode": "Dynamic", "DynamicValue": "%CURRENT_USER%" }, "ForceSetValue": false }

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  • I added the Employee OT and the User account PD but it still does not work. The username does not come automatically.

            "Name": "CurrentUserEmployee",
            "ObjectType": "103",
            "Property": {
                "Property": "1045",
                "Value": {
                    "Mode": "Static",
                    "TypedValue": {
                        "dataType": "lookup",
                        "value": {
                            "lookup": {
                                "item": {
                                    "user": "{BA1BCA7E-026B-4260-9D73-2AE593052F6C}"

  • Your destination PD must take information for Employee OT, and should not be directly the username.

    So  "Property": "1482" should be the PD that point to the list of employees and not users.

    If it is like that, and still does not work, I don't know how to guide you further. This works perfectly for me.

    Maybe you have other rules that overwrites this one?