Destroy object after replication and archiving


We have implemented a scheduled replication between vault A and  vault B for few objects.

We want itobjects replicated to Vault B to be destroyed from Vault A.

Manual replication offer an option "destroy exported objects after export" : 

Scheduled replication does not offer this option : 

How can we delete the exported objects from the source vault during the scheduled replication ?



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  • I just tested this here (I am running a pre-release build, but I believe it should be a fair test) and it seemed to work okay:

    • Create a document using M-Files and note the object ID.
    • Create a scheduled export, searching to only export my object, and clicking the "Destroy exported objects after export" option.
    • Manually run the export.

    At this point I could no longer find the original document in the vault.

    If this does not work properly for you then I can suggest two courses of action:

    1. Speak to your reseller for support.  There may be some misconfiguration there.
    2. If you believe this to be a product issue then raise it via our support team.



  • Thank you, I will open a request to the support because in version 21.8 the option "destroy after replication" is not available in scheduled replication.