Multi-Language VAF-Configuration

I've just found that the JsonConfEditorAttribute class allows to set a value HelpTextRessourceId to support language-dependent help text for the configuration.

Is this also possible for Label and ChildNames?

I would like to change the texts in the dashboard for background operations as well. There we could introduce ressource files for the texts. I just tried to create a sub class which causes a multi-language dashboard:

  • I believe that you're not able to access the current Developer Yammer, Falk, but there was a question about this a few months ago there.  I have copied across the response:

    Actually... the labels can be localized as well, and HelpTextResourceId doesn't need to be used either.
    Having different properties for every bit of text that might need to be localizable was considered untenable, so we introduced resource markers instead -- a fancy term for prefixing your string with "$$" to have the rest of it treated as a resource id instead of literal string.  Instead of using the literal "$$" though, I recommend you use the constant ResourceMarker.Id.
    This is what we typically do now:
    	HelpText = ResourceMarker.Id + nameof( Resources.ConfItem1__HelpText ),
    	Label = ResourceMarker.Id + nameof( Resources.ConfItem1__Label ) )]
    We also struggled with very long, similar resource names, and so this approach was also developed and briefly used, but it IS NOT recommended because you don't get the benefits of using nameof(), like compile time guarantee that the resources exist, and searching for references easily.  (I explain it now so I don't get follow up questions about "ResourceIdPrefix" and "ResourceMarker.Suffix" later ;-) )
    	ResourceIdPrefix = "ConfItem1__",
    	HelpText = ResourceMarker.Suffix + "HelpText" ),
    	Label = ResourceMarker.Suffix + "Label" )]

    I don't believe that you can use the same for child name, unfortunately.



  • Hi Craig,

    there is a class somewhere where the editor field will be included depending on type. This would be a good place to implement an own editor for own purpuses or add additional properties to the existing ones.

    Include descriptions or images to explain the current configuration node - or just insert space between logical input groups etc. would be helpful for implementing simple logic. Of course there would also exist custom input elements for special purposes like the filter dialog designed by M-Files.

    Same ideas would help on metadata card as well of course.



  • Hi Falk,

    Unfortunately it is unlikely that we will support custom editors in the foreseeable future.  I will add it to our tracker as an implementation idea, though.