Metadatacard configuration: Required fields


I have the case that I'm supposed to check if 

either a dropdown-field is selected OR a textfield value is entered on the metadata-card.

Is there a way to check for textfields as well with configuration? 

Thanks in advance

Alex Michna

  • Only value list and Boolean properties are currently supported in property-based conditions according to the configuration guide:

    Could you describe your use case a bit more? Is this a "if you can't find the correct value in the value list, write it in the text field" type of scenario? There might be a way to work around this, for instance adding the value "Other" as the last value of the value list and if that is selected, only then show the required text field (ie. it would be hidden by default). Then you should be able to use the "Other" value as the condition for the metadata card configuration rules (although I haven't tested this).

  • thanks for the quick reply.

    you're right! This is exactly the scenario. 

    The dropdown list values are objects from an external datasource. I'm not able to add "Other" in the database, therefore I would have to "add" it only in the dropdown list. Right now I'm not sure how to do this though. If this was possible then your workaround would be perfect.

  • Yes, with an object type based list that is usually not an option. If it was a simple value list with a relatively small number of items then the workaround might make sense.

    Your only option may be to validate the input in an event handler when the changes are saved to the server. Not as user-friendly as the metadata card required property option but at least you can be sure that either field has been filled. (You should do this server-side validation in any case since there are ways to get around the metadata card requirements which are in the UI layer.)

  • alright, I'll try that

    thanks for your support