Metadata card - Current user filter does not work

I want to apply read-only to certain properties when current user is not Project Manager. It doesn't seem to work at all when filtering current user

I have property MLSU PD.ProjectManager with M-Files User and below example should check if it is Project Manager that is behind the wheel, but it does nothing

                    "Guid": "1e11c21a-d5cf-474d-a288-fa385f432724",
                    "Name": "Not Projectmanager",
                    "Filter": {
                        "Properties": [
                                "Property": "PD.ProjectManager",
                                "AllowIndirect": true,
                                "Operator": "Is",
                                "SSLU": {
                                    "item": {
                                        "user": "{BA1BCA7E-026B-4260-9D73-2AE593052F6C}"

Anyone know solution to this?