Replication takes ages

I try to replicate Persons to another Vault so I don't have to calculate them there.

Replicating 1200 persons with 12 properties each to local disk takes roughly an hour. And the size of the metadata is 4GB.

Any idea what is causing this?



  • Is this vault using Firebird or SQL Server as the database? Firebird can only handle a metadata database up to 1-2GB, so if it's Firebird at 4GB then that might be the problem (or one of them). User guide: Using Firebird as the Database Engine

    Also, are these Person objects used in some automatic permission configurations? Would their addition to the vault trigger some permission recalculation that might slow things down?

    Those are the things that come to mind with the provided information, you may want to raise this with support if you cannot figure out the reason. Support probably needs some logs to have a better understanding of what's going on.

  • Hi

    Let me rephrase my question. SQL is the database and the 4Gb is the size of the replication packages metadata on disk.

    I don't think that any code would be run when you replicate files out while you are not changing anything. There is automatic permissions on both ends, but the problem lies on the replication package that is huge.

  • Ah, this was during the export operation. I understood you were importing the package and that took a long time. Never mind then... Slight smile

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