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I tried to replace the external email source  IMAP4 with the service type as Microsoft Office Exchange (Microsoft Modern Authentication). I attempted to connect the mail source according to our user guide, but unfortunately, I got the error (Screen shot). Anybody can help me to solve this problem?

  • And you have double-checked that the credentials you are using are in fact valid and should have access? The error suggests it's a credential issue.

    If the credentials are OK, check the Windows logs on the server to see if there's any additional information. One common issue when connecting to Exchange Online is that Microsoft nowadays only allows TLS 1.2 connections but that should produce a different kind of an error message as far as I know. This support article has further information: Azure AD TLS 1.0 and 1.1 Error

  • At the beginning, we had the TLS error after that we followed the steps described in the documents and turned on TLS1.2. At last, we get this error.

    We double checked all the credentials. Tenant ID, Client ID, Client Secret, Folder everything perfect. Any other credentials have to check?


  • It looks like you don't have the right permissions on this app registration.
    Can you show a screenshot of the API Permissiong on that app registration?

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