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Error when adding application to M-Files Online Vault

Running into a problem when attempting to add an application/connector to our online vault. I have tried a few apps from the M-Files catalogue and I am getting a message saying "This server doesn't accept unsigned applications". In the instructions for the Sharepoint Online connector it links to but this results in the error message. Is there a different way that apps/connectors are supposed to be added to an online/web vault?


  • Is this in the M-Files Cloud?

    Almost all M-Files Cloud environments (the only exception being Isolated services in the new cloud infrastructure) require that applications are signed to be installed by vault administrators.  Signed versions should exist for most first-party M-Files applications (e.g. for the Compliance Kit, under Licensing and Downloads you can see the signed release), and we're signing new releases that we make.

    For applications where a signed version of a first-party application does not yet exist, you can contact the cloud teams to get them installed.

    Third-party applications should be signed as part of their cloud validation process.

  • Yes it is M-Files Cloud. The specific app/connector I'm trying to install is "M-Files for MS Teams and SharePoint Online" versions published by "M-Files Corporation" see .

    It does not say "signed" in the name though. Does this indicate that it has not been updated with a signed version yet?

    Thank you for the assistance!

  • It looks like that one has not been signed yet (the signing process happens when a new version is released, and it looks like we've not updated that one very recently).  There may also be some other reason why this one is not self-installable (maybe it needs some server-level configuration).

    In the first instance you can contact our cloud team (via and request that it's added.  They can work with you if they need additional details.

    Alongside this I will also ping the internal Product Owner for this and just let them know that people are requesting signed versions.

  • Much appreciated! I'll send a note off to support.


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  • I have spent some time speaking to people within the Product organisation.  The simple answer is that, at the moment, the connector you mentioned - and most IML-based applications - need system-admin-level access to install and configure.  The act of signing the connector doesn't fully help here, as the configuration currently also requires that level of access.

    However: this is something we're actively working on.  I cannot promise timescales or exact functionality, but enabling self-service is something that is high on our priorities.

    For now: speak to support and they'll get you moving. Thumbsup