Error when adding application to M-Files Online Vault

Running into a problem when attempting to add an application/connector to our online vault. I have tried a few apps from the M-Files catalogue and I am getting a message saying "This server doesn't accept unsigned applications". In the instructions for the Sharepoint Online connector it links to but this results in the error message. Is there a different way that apps/connectors are supposed to be added to an online/web vault?


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  • I have spent some time speaking to people within the Product organisation.  The simple answer is that, at the moment, the connector you mentioned - and most IML-based applications - need system-admin-level access to install and configure.  The act of signing the connector doesn't fully help here, as the configuration currently also requires that level of access.

    However: this is something we're actively working on.  I cannot promise timescales or exact functionality, but enabling self-service is something that is high on our priorities.

    For now: speak to support and they'll get you moving. Thumbsup