M-Files Learning provides a fully scalable and self-paced learning experiences to help your users get the most out of M-Files. It is a perfect standalone option for eager independent learners to complement regular training by offering extra support.

Contact us for more information: academy@m-files.com

Empower users

With 24/7 access to all M-Files Learning courses and materials, users can learn what's the most relevant for them at their own pace, no matter where they are.

Track user progress

With M-Files Academy, you gain access not only to our course content, but also to user learning progress reports and analytics, providing helpful training insights.

A Perfect Complement to M-Files Training

Self-paced learning and face-to-face training really go hand in hand. M-Files Learning helps users prepare and get the most out of their trainer-led sessions. And it also helps reinforce and offer continual support long after the training ends.