Multiselect Photos from gallery (Mobile and iPad Version)

Hi there,

One of our customer use M-Files for Job Management, they mainly use it for creating a new job and adding the job information after they complete their Job. Sometimes they need to add the pictures to the same job, but they can only add one at a time, they can add as many pictures as they want but not at a single time.

So, my question is whether it possible to multiselect photos from Gallery and add all in one? (Note: This is more with Mobile or iPad Version)

I hope these make sense, let me know if you need any further information.


  • Hi,

    From M-Files side it is possible to add photos only one by one at the moment. From Gallery user can select multiple photos and then select to send/share those to M-Files. User can then select if these photos are added to existing object or if new one is created. 

    I got the feeling that you would prefer adding the files from M-Files side. We will keep this improvement idea in mind when further developing our mobile applications.

    Thank you,


  • I added a similar comment to the Android App in Play Store in the year 2017, I guess there wasn't an improvement to the Android App as well.. My Request was mainly about taking Fotos from M-Files but it goes in the same direction..

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