I need to get the users ID using the username information through VBScript

I'm creating a user via vbscript below:

"Option Explicit

Dim oServerApp: set oServerApp = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.MFilesServerApplication")
oServerApp.Connect 2, "user", "password", "SERVERNAME", "ncacn_ip_tcp", "localhost", "2266", "DEMO VAULT NAME", false
Dim oVault: Set oVault = oServerApp.LogInToVaultAdministrative(VaultGUID)

Dim oEmail: oEmail = PropertyValues.SearchForProperty(1089).TypedValue.DisplayValue

Dim oLoginAccount: Set oLoginAccount = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.LoginAccount")
Dim oUserAccount: Set oUserAccount = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.UserAccount")

oLoginAccount.AccountType = MFLoginAccountTypeMFiles
oLoginAccount.LicenseType = MFLicenseTypeConcurrentUserLicense
oLoginAccount.EmailAddress = oEmail
oLoginAccount.Enabled = True
oLoginAccount.UserName = "user-" & oEmail

oServerApp.LoginAccountOperations.AddLoginAccount oLoginAccount, "Testepassword"

oUserAccount.Enabled = true
oUserAccount.InternalUser = true
oUserAccount.LoginName = "omega-" & oEmail

'oVault.UserOperations.ModifyUserAccount oUserAccount
oVault.UserOperations.AddUserAccount oUserAccount


Now you need to set this user created on a property of type list that points to M-files users.

Dim oPropVal : Set oPropVal = CreateObject("MFilesAPI.PropertyValue")
oPropVal.PropertyDef = 1150
oPropVal.TypedValue.SetValue MFDatatypeLookup, ??????
Vault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetProperty ObjVer, oPropVal

I know the "MFDatatypeLookup" requires the ID.

How to get the userid I created?

Can anyone provide a code example?

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  • Of course, I understand. 

    But the script ( what I understood of it), there are two vaults involved (vault as in current vault, and oVault, a different vault).

    The script creates a user account in oVault, and then it needs to add that user account into an object.

    So this "oVault.ObjectPropertyOperations.SetProperty ObjVer, oPropVal" cannot work as ObjVer is from vault, which will not correspond to the ObjVer in oVault. So a search in oVault should be made to bring the desired ObjVer fo the command to work.

    Maybe I understood wrong the scope of the script.