Merging Traditional Folders with Virtual Folders View

Is it possible to merge the traditional folder with the virtual folders view?

I am moving some documents to M-Files from a windows files explorer.  I am moving files from windows file explorer to m-files.  The files are zipped and more than 10 levels deep.  I would just need to have this accessible in a View or within the view that is available rather than telling the user "if it's this file, go to traditional folder."

I see how to do views within a view, i tried but it didn't work for me to do a traditional folder in a view.

Have you guys come across the same use case?  How did you do it?

  • Hello Mfiler23,

    A very good question you have there and I believe an M-Filer can provide you with a sufficient answer soon enough. I´ll hopefully get back to you soon with an answer, unless someone beats me to it.

  • No, it is not possible to merge traditional folder with a view. You can only do traditional folders on the root-level. All other views are pure metadata-driven views. But "Traditional folder" is also a metadata in the end, and you can do a search filter for a view as "traditional folder = folderX". 

    I'm not sure if I understood what you meant about the zip-files? If the document you add to M-Files is a zip-file, M-Files will process it as one document. If there is a folder structure within the zip-file, that is is handled by whatever program you use to open zip-files. Windows explorer can open them by double-clicking and you can open files from the zip file, but all that is done "outside" of M-Files. 

  • As far as the zip files... I have a zip file which I then unzipped in windows explorer.  When I unzipped it, it was 10+ folders deep where each folder had several files with it.

    It would be very time consuming to label and enter metadata for each file.  So, what I did was to create a traditional folder and entered the same metadata for each file.

    I wanted to see if the traditional folder can be merged or added as a layer into an existing virtual folder.  Such that from my view, I click my view and then in that view, I have a virtual folder.  I then click on the virtual folder, then I can have the traditional folder as the next level.

    It doesn't seem like this is possible.

    Thanks for your response.

  • Not easily at least. May I ask about the use case? Is the folder structure needed? What kind of documents they are?

    Other possibility would be to use Network folder connector and have folder structure on a network drive for M-Files to read and show.