Problems with M-Files automatic upgrade to version 21.8.10524.3


I got a new upgrade today morning. I followed the following steps :

  1. Clicked on "Update now". PC restarted 2 times.
  2. After installation, the previous version still exists.
  3. The vaults still exist on the previous version, but any action on the vault would throw "Interface not supported" exception. The new version doesn't work.
  4. Downloaded the new version from M-Files. I tried to repair/modify but that threw an error and didn't work either
  5. I uninstalled the old version. The new version still didn't work
  6. I uninstalled the new version (upgraded by M-Files) and installed the version (new version download in step 4)
  7. The old vaults (m-files files, folder data and database still exists) were not available on M-Files admin anymore.
  8. I created new vaults but M-Files complained about license key now.

Questions are :

  1. Why did the upgrade didn't work correctly. Why the vaults not moved to the new M-Files version ?
  2. Why it asks for license, when it knows that I already had a license previously ?
  • When you manually installed the new version you would have to do a restore of the Masterdatabase to get the license and vaults back into the system. After that you probably have to attach the vaults (if running in FireBird), and you may have to upgrade each vault. All of this should have been done automatically by the update process, but when you go ahead and do it manually you need to carry out all of those steps.

    You can insert the license directly via the license manager, but your login accounts will be lost if you don't restore the Masterdatabase.

  • wow, thanks a lot mate. You saved me 2 days of work Slight smile