Prompt message before opening document

Dear All

I would like to know if there is an option for a prompt message before opening a document which is based on a property definition.

For eg, any document with property definition XYZ should prompt a user with the message "Please note that you are accessing a secured document, Kindly confirm that you have access to the file"

Is this possible?

Thank you

  • Why would you want that when you already have the ability to set permissions on those documents and restrict access to the relevant groups of people? Dynamic permissions gives you exactly those options to base permissions on related objects and value list items.

  • Hi

    Many thank for the response. This was the exact same reply I gave to the end user and the response was that they want this as an option as the documents are highly secure. Is there a way to achieve this? 

    Thank you

  • is absolutely right. Here it may be necessary to demonstrate to the client and explain to him how M-Files works, because if the user does not have a minimum of reading rights, he will not see the document at all.

  • Yes I agree with you and the user is aware of the access permissions as well..

    Below is the users response.

    yes we understood the access permission control; but this message is like a confirmation that you are in compliance of the export control data and so this will superseded the ones signing a hard copy document for such data instead. So it's like you are signing a non-disclosure document that you are bound when accessing a restricted file but paperless or online...
  • Would this kind of a warning on the metadata card be enough as a workaround? This can be achieved easily with metadata card configuration. In the example I'm using "Agreement type = Non-disclosure agreement" as the filter for the configuration rule.

  • Hi Joonas,

    Cool feature, but as far as I understand the client wants to have a dialogue, something like a popup in which the user agrees that he accesses confidential information and this is left marked. As far as I know there is no such built-in functionality. Of course, such behavior can be achieved with a certain amount of code and modification of the user interface.

  • I understood that they wanted a popup but the popup dialog would also need to somehow log when and who clicks OK so these explicit "Yes, I have access to this file" confirmations could be later audited (at least that's how I imagine it would work) So it's probably not as simple as just showing a dialog with an OK / Cancel button. And then on the other hand if this kind of logging and auditing is not needed, then the metadata card warning could fulfill the same purpose which was the idea behind my suggestion.

  • Dear Joonas

    I just spoke to the user and apparently they are happy with this but would prefer a pop up with ok and cancel button as you mentioned. There is no need of complicating it with permissions. If a pop up can be achieved would be great, if not then its cool. If any coding is required it would be beyond my capabilities.

    Thank you 

  • The popup would require coding if it is technically feasible at all, so probably the metadata card option is your best alternative (unless someone can come up with a better one, of course!)

  • Thank you. Ill do the metadata card configuration. Where exactly is this option in the metadata card configuration