Passing Property_33 to next workflow step

I am unable to pass to the email notification the comment placeholder PROPERTY_33 in the workflow when an automatic state transition is set.

When I set the trigger to "no automatic state transition", the comment PROPERTY_33 placeholder is passed and included in the email notification that I set.

I found this message thread about the comment placeholder, but i'm not sure if it's the same issue.

I would like to turn on the automatic state transition triggers, but I also want to pass the property_33 to the email message.  Is this possible?

  • Comments in property 33 are version-specific so the notification email will include the comment from the latest version when the email is dispatched. With automatic state transitions this is a problem since each transition creates a new version of the object and the comment property is likely empty on the latest version.

    To work around this the easiest solution would probably be to store the comment you need into a separate property definition (something like "Approver's comment" or whatever makes sense in your workflow), for instance with a little script that copies the value from property 33 to the separate property. Then in your notification you can pick up the comment from that property instead of property 33. You can hide this technical property from the users if they don't need to see it.